Startup programs to train, develop and validate the founders and their business idea

Sirius ACT has developed a startup program to support entrepreneurs who have a business idea or a thought to start their own business. This is an intensive program that supports the founder and its team, while at the same time being trained and updated on a new field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our programs provide you with a framework

Helping entrepreneurs in a start-up phase has become a new field of expertise, and a separate methodology is required to maximize the chances of success.

Our programs provide you with a framework for how you can quickly develop your business idea to ensure that you’re working on a concept that your customers want and are willing to pay for. The program will challenge you to find information with potential customers and partners and consists of three main elements that together with our mentoring constitute our methodology.

Testing the business model

Understanding which elements need to be mapped to arrive at a viable business model.

You as an entrepreneur

What qualities and skills are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur?


How to become more confident and aware in a sales settings, as well as how to organize your company for commercial success.