Factoring in context makes selection up to 4X more accurate

(Source; Gartner, SHL)

Select candidates that will succeed and thrive

Sirius helps our clients design recruitment processes that are effective, adhere to best practices and are connected to business objectives. When requested by clients, we may also support with talent assessment for critical positions.

Define the requirements of each role

Together with management and HR, Sirius analyses organizational context and help you pick point key business objectives for each role.

Based on context and objectives, we identify core competencies that predict performance.

Targeted onboarding & development

Development advice based on candidate development areas up against key business objectives.

Plan for coaching and assessment at specific intervals.

Ensure premium employee experience.

Select the best

Our clients will get access to a digital candidate and group dashboard with graphics that show strength and weaknesses on the different core competencies.

Sirius assist in ensuring a best practices selection process and can assist in discussions with the hiring manager and other stakeholders.

Competency based interview

We assist in assessing candidate result and experiences by conducting virtual or in-person structured interviews tailored to the selected challenges, competencies, and role requirements.

Depending on the job level, 2-3 interviews are the norm. By digging intro candidate`s major accomplishments, we find out how their skills, behaviors, and competencies were used to achieve success.

Multi-faceted, digital assessment

Sirius assess candidate potential accurately and efficiently world-leading, validated assessments.

We also assess candidate behavior with 360 assessments, digital or in-person assessments centers including inbox simulations, group exercises and client meetings.

Fast - efficient - anywhere